Although I have been involved with the breeding of Siamese and Orientals for some years, it is under the TILDEN prefix which was in my husband Teds name.

After many years of white Siamese babies, we had branched out into Orientals, and I fell in love with Oriental babies, who are born the colours they will be, no waiting for the colours to develop, its there from day one. The spotties with their adorable spotted tummies, the blacks who are like little black imps, the loverly blues and the delicate lilacs, and of course the rich brown Havanas.

Last year (2000) I acquired a Chocolate Oriental Spotted female, her name is

Ballybran Chocolate Chips or "Cookie" as she is better known. She had already had one litter, so I decided to apply for my own prefix, and continue breeding with her. I was eventually granted the prefix SOULSTEALER, which I think sums up exactly what kittens and cats are. In March 01 she had just one kitten, a seal tabby point female, in January 02 she had 5 kittens, sadly 2 were still born. In September 02 she had one Oriental Spotted Female, which I decided to keep, and called her Samuraimaiden. Last year she had 3 lovely kittens from our Oriental Cinnamon boy, and earlier this year I repeated the mating. Sadly a week before she was due to kitten she had a womb infection, and I had no choice but to have her speyed, unfortunately there were no viable kittens. She is now a very fat lady enjoying her retirement.

Another cat I'd wanted for years was a ginger moggie, I'd had one before getting married,and always wanted another one. My husband had tried unsuccessfully, to get me one for my birthday in 1999, and I put it to one side of my mind, but still dreamt of the day that I'd find one. In August 2000 a friend of ours phoned, asking if I was still intrested in a ginger moggie as he knew someone who had one, of coure I was intrested and arrangements were made to go and see him. As soon as I saw him I fell in love with him, there were three others in the litter, but he was the only ginger, there was no way I was going to turn down my dream. As he was only 9 weeks old, I had to wait a further three weeks before I actually brought him home, but eventualy

"Casey Jones" was mine. I had already decided to show him, and his first show was in October, it was a marvellous day, 6 classes, 6 firsts and overall BIS Household Pet. He was shown twice again before Xmas, and did well at both shows, although I did not expert anything to equal his first show. He is growing into a big boy, and to be on the safe side he was neutered just before Xmas, we don't really want half moggie / Siamese, Oriental or Abyssinian kittens, although I expect they'd be gorgeous. I'm hoping to have fun showing him for as long as he enjoys it. Casey has had a very rewarding show career, having many red card days, and quite a few Best In Shows. Sadly due to being mishandled by a steward, he no longer enjoys being shown, so was retired in 2003, and since then occasionally comes out on exhibition.

Above is a picture of Cookies daughter Samurai Maiden, or Sammy as she is called, with whom I hope to continue breeding my Soulstealer kittens.

This is a picture of Sammy's daughter Kiree Musume, who was born in September 2004, and is a Chocolate Oriental Spotted Tabby. To date she has had quite a good show record, and became a Champion at the Maidstone and Medway show in December 2005.

Now having two Spotted Tabby breeding queens, I decided that I would like something different to vary my breeding programme. I happened to be speaking to Sarah Helm, who had a litter of Blacks and Havanas, and together with my husband travelled to Bradford to view the kittens. I saw a kitten that I liked, and after a return trip to Bradford when she was old enough to leave, Velveteena Forever Ebony (pictured above) joined the household.

In January 2008 I took Kiree to stud, she visited my friend Sonia's Oriental Cinnamon boy Ch Shadowsquad Chesney, from that mating I got a Oriental Cinnamon female and an Havana male. I decided to keep the female, as I love the colour, and Soulstealer Cinfulmagic joined my family of Orientals.

Apart from breeding and showing I am secretary of the TABBY POINTED SIAMESE CAT SOCIETY, which takes up quite a bit of my time. Along with Ted, I take a club stall to most of the Siamese and some area shows, which can prove to be quite a feat, especially if we are both also showing our cats.

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